Better Relationships with Derek Triplett

We are ready to film the second season of Better Relationships. A powerful show that takes in in-depth look at relationships such as marriage, children, workplace, friendship and more. Help us film another season. This show has distribution with Bridgestone Multimedia Group.
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About the Campaign

Better Relationships with Derek Triplett is the best in infotainment on the subject of interpersonal relationships. The show helps to equip persons with the requisite skills and tools to have positive, healthy relationships and minimize the damage when things go wrong. Triplett states, “Personal relationships are extremely rewarding but can also be equally as challenging. Most adults will face difficulty or generally struggle in one category of interpersonal relationships or another. Some are good at family relationships but find romantic relationships difficult. Others are great at romantic liaisons yet have major issues with friends, family members or managing the workplace. The scenarios are endless. We try to explore them all.” Check out Better Relationships to be informed and entertained as guests share their stories about their relationship troubles and concerns and receive the insightful advice and guidance of Derek Triplett.